Opening communication services to the cloud and beyond ...
Oritor converged communication services framework enables operators and enterprises to offer seamless rich media solutions while reducing cost and complexity. Oritor’s standards-based services enable converged (voice, video, data) applications, instant messaging, conferencing, mobile, social media integration, and other communication solutions.

Two years ago, who ever thought that a business would seriously consider integrating social media or cloud communication services into its infrastructure? Now, just about everyone would, if they could. The trouble is those that try experience major disruption and cost.

Today’s traditional communication infrastructures are brittle and difficult to maintain. They weren’t designed to incorporate what hadn’t been invented yet. But these days you have to embrace new technologies as soon as they make sense for your business.

Oritor is built for change, even as it preserves your existing investments.

We realize that sounds like an oxymoron, but our virtualized cloud-based architecture, which only incorporates open standards, makes it possible. When you upgrade your infrastructure, our software eliminates the large capital expenditures for traditional network management frameworks (as well as the professional services required to install them).

Since our virtualization lets multiple applications share processing power, Oritor also minimizes your hardware requirements. And it even helps you reduce operating expenses because over time you can replace your skill-intensive proprietary systems with open ones.