If users are experience audio problems

Oritor uses 16 KHz wideband speeks audio codec and Opus48, which is a high-quality audio codec that compresses very well. If you run an Oritor server within a LAN environment, you can get a sense of the audio quality. It should sound much richer than a plain ordinary telephone system (which is 8 Khz audio).

We recommend that users have 0.5 Mbits/sec upload speed and 1.0 Mbits/sec download speed. Of course, these are not hard numbers, and Oritor will certainly work with less bandwidth, but if your clients have bandwidth in this range, they should experience good audio.

To test a user’s actual internet bandwidth, have them visit http://speedtest.net/. The results at http://speedtest.net/ will give a fairly accurate test of the user’s upload and download speeds. If these numbers are much less than 0.5 Mbits/sec upload speed and 1.0 Mbits/sec download speed, their audio will be poor. One quick check is to ask users to turn off any file transfer they have in the background (such as bittorrent clients) and run the test again.

If you have them use the ping command (windows or Unix prompt) to ping the Oritor server, you want to see a ping response of less than 100ms.

Also, if the user’s client takes over a minute to load, they are likely tunneling through port 80, which will further degrade the audio.

If a specific user is having poor audio quality (i.e. only their audio is choppy but everyone else sounds good), have the individual do a speed test.

Flash restricts applications to use TCP/IP for audio, if the user’s network connection to the Oritor server is experiencing packet loss (dropped packets). Their computer will resend dropped packets, which will incur audio problems if this occurs frequently.

If there are a lot of packets getting cued for resend, you can try having the user drop from audio and then rejoin (click the headset icon twice). If you are a moderator, you can click the ‘x’ next to their name in the listener’s window. This will eject them from the audio session and have their Oritor client automatically rejoin.

If majority of users are experiencing good audio, but a few are not,  ask them to join the conference via telephone as that is an ultra reliable and fully supported option.

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