What is needed to run desktop sharing

Oritor uses a Java applet to capture screen updates. Oritor requires Java 7u41 (or later). We will be announcing a option available shortly supporting HD video desktop sharing without requiring Java; check announcments.

Desktop sharing works for Mac, Unix, and PC platforms. Only the presenter needs to have Java installed to share their desktop. You can test if your system has Java installed using the following link. To download Java onto your computer, visit the Java download page.

If you can run the above test applet from your browser, you can run the desktop sharing in Oritor. Please note that on Mac OS X with Java 7, you can run applets with FireFox but not Google Chrome, as Chrome is a 32-bit browser and Java 7 requires a 64-bit browser to run. Hence, on Mac OS X, if you need to run desktop sharing, we recommend using FireFox.

There are no additional requirements (beyond having Flash installed) for viewers to run Oritor and view the presenter’s desktop.

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