What is the disk space usage for storing 1 hour of recordings?

Storage values for different types of session in Oritor.

The file sizes are for a one hour session. When a recorded session ends, Oritor archives all the raw content, then runs the recording scripts to create a publish format (presentation).

Media SharedArchivePublishTotal

audio111 MB/h11 MB/h122 MB/h

audio + webcam (1 webcam)131 MB/h51 MB/h182 MB/h

audio + desktop sharing236 MB/h73 MB/h309 MB/h


For audio, the storage of the audio stream is 110 MB/h. The storage is a .wav file


For audio + webcam, the additional storage is for saving each individual webcam stream. A one hour webcam stream at the default resolution (320×240) is 20M.

For audio + deskshare, the additional storage is for the desktop sharing stream (there will only be one stream at any one time). A one hour desktop sharing stream is 125M.




For playback, the audio, webcams, and desktop share are processed into a single playback file WebM (VP8 Codec).

For audio only, the WebM file is 5.4M. There is an additional Vorbis Audio File that is 5M.

For audio + webcam only, there is a single webM file that is 51M

For audio + desktop sharing, there is a single WebM that is 72M.

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