Why is there an echo in the voice conference?

In Oritor, we use the built-in acoustic echo cancellation, so in most cases, you should not hear any echo from remote users.
We recommend that you have your remote users use a headset with microphone. This will ensure the best audio in a session. If a remote user is using a laptop with a built-in microphone, you should not hear an echo. If you are using Oritor broadcast as a participant, we recommend you turn off “One way audio” by clicking on the speaker icon.

However, if two remote users are using laptops with built-in microphones and neither is using a headset and both are sitting close to each other (close enough for the microphone in one laptop to pickup the audio from the speakers in the other laptop), then you will hear an echo.

The reason is the built-in echo cancellation only works with the audio coming from the host laptop — the audio coming from the second laptop will be picked up as an external audio source.
If a participant is causing echo, the best way to solve this problem, if you are logged in as a moderator, is to mute the user by clicking the microphone icon to the left of their name. Overall, the best solution is ask all users to use a headset — this will ensure no background noise or echo.

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